Thursday, January 31, 2013

House Update #2!


In the process:
 After!!! (still needing trim, crown molding, and new carpet)

We also did some minor work in the basement to "polish the turd"....
Got rid of the blue once and for all and plugged up the hole...
After (still dirty :-/ )

Still not finished, but getting closer! The ceiling is finished in the basement, the walls are painted in the basement, the ceilings and walls are painted in the living room, and we're starting to put the place back together. Super slow process but I'm dealing getting used to it :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

House Update!

A few pictures of the house progress - We have a neighborhood cat that hangs around the house a lot, he's growing on me.... not so much on Craig. We had a weeny roast so we put some decorations up and cleaned the house last weekend. We are still barely making progress with the remodeling, but we now have the ceilings stomped!!  :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

New House ("Before" pictures)

We FINALLY get to move in to the new house!! Hoorayyy!! We have TONS of work to do in the house, so I'm sure it'll be a construction zone for the next few years, but more on that later :) for now, I'm just excited to be moving in! 
Kitchen into dining/living room
I thought I would hate these cabinets but I think I'm liking them!
Living room
Living room out to the patio
Just another view :)
Looking back at the front door. Garage to the right.
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2
Master bedroom
Balcony off the master
Master bath (tiny :( )
Bedroom #4 balcony off the front of the house
Another view of bedroom #4
"walk in" closet 
upstairs bath
Skylight/window in upstairs bath

Our first night in the new house. Bottle of Champagne and some lawn chairs. :)
We technically haven't moved in yet, because when we got there we realized they had turned the water off to replace a pipe. That would have been nice to know.  :( It is now 3 days later and the water is still off so we have been driving back living out of suitcases. Boo. I'm hoping it's fixed and on before the end of the week!
More before & after pics to come :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Birthday Fun

It seems like we never get to go out and do anything fun with everyone anymore, but we had a good excuse this time! Kayla's birthday! Definitely a reason to hit up Osaka for hibachi dinner and some martinis and head downtown for the night :) Craig of course came out with all of the girls .... I think he secretly liked it because of all the food. We met up with more friends later, but here are some pictures from dinner and early in the evening!

 Just wanted to throw in a post to remember this night out! Love getting a chance to get together with friends :)

Waverly Picnic

This year was my first experience with the Waverly picnic, and let me just say it will be an annual event for years to come! I kept laughing when Craig would mention it to me because it is such a small town, I thought it would definitely be a lame thing that only people who grew up there would enjoy. I was wrong. It was pretty fun! Here are some pictures-

Annual mud volleyball game


Katelyn, Heidi, and I
Craig and I didn't participate in the mud volleyball tournament, but we did get to see a couple of the games. It. was. a. mess. I don't know if i want to participate next year or not! Eeek!